Our aim is to reinvent agriculture. As crazy or mundane as it may sound, our plan to do that starts with ranching – yes, cows eating grass. Without cows eating grass, the sun still shines and the rain still falls, but the first layer of farming – the soil – doesn’t work. Without something growing there to catch it, the sun just bounces back as heat and the rain runs down stream. Of course, without soil, the grass has nowhere to stand to catch the sun and the rain. But what many don’t know is that cows eating grass – done differently and naturally – allows the soil to catch and hold more sunshine and rainfall. Catching more sunshine and rainfall enables us to grow more grass that feeds more cows, or more and better food of any kind. Better soil also cleans our air and rivers, and reinvigorates vibrant wildlife and ecosystems. Better soil is thus the foundation of healthy communities in both the countryside and our cities. We believe that reinventing agriculture – perhaps surprisingly – starts with grass and cows, and focuses first and foremost on regrowing soil. From that start, all else can follow.

Our Team