Our New Partnership with Audubon

Posted on August 6, 2019 by | Latest Blogs

Sticker14At long last, the day is finally here where we can go big!

A few years back,  Audubon created their Audubon Conservation Ranching program to certify ranchers grazing in a way that does great things for bird habitat.  Turns out this is pretty much the same grazing management systems that store more carbon in soil and catch more water falling from the sky.  In effect, the birds tell us that we’re managing landscapes in a way that allows all life to thrive.

Audubon has now certified 1.8 million acres of ranch land in the US under this system.  The trick now is to open up markets for products coming from these ranches in a way that also makes it pay farmers for these good things they’re doing for the land.

Working with the folks at Audubon, we’ve created Blue Nest Beef.  In addition to being all Audubon certified, our Blue Nest Beef will also be 100% grassfed.  We’ll make this beef available by a regular subscription (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) delivered direct to your door across most of the contigiuous US (except far NW for now).  All of this beef will come from American farmers regenerating land here at home.  Of course the big idea is to connect a large network of producers to a large and eager market that allows this thing to scale for bigger impact.

So pop on over to our new web site at bluenestbeef.com, to learn more.  And if you like what we’re doing, sign up to get some beef produced on bird friendly lands delivered direct to your door!